Agricultural Testing Laboratory

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Getting Your Results

NIR Feed Tests 24 hours
NW Feed Tests 48 hours
NIRosu, NIRd, NWosu, & NWd Feed Tests 120 hours
Wet Chemistry Feed Tests 72 hours
ELISA Mycotoxin Tests 72 hours
TLC Mycotoxin Tests 120 hours
Water Tests 96 hours
Manure Tests 96 hours
Fertilizer & Lime Tests 96 hours
Plant Tissue Tests 48 hours
Soil Nitrate Tests 24 hours
Soil & Greenhouse Testing 72 hours

Reports can be mailed or e-mailed at no additional charge. A $2 fee will be added for mailing to a third-party.

Holding & Disposal

Samples are held for varying lengths of time, depending on their stability and the amount of storage space required. All samples will be held a minimum of two weeks after results are reported. Samples and/or containers needing to be stored longer or requiring special disposal are subject to additional charges.

Mail Address:

Litchfield Analytical Services
P.O. Box 457
Litchfield, MI 49252


We accept PayPal, cash, check, and money order payment.

Payment is due prior to the performance of consulting services.